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The Total Video Conference Mute Solution

1 - Mic, Cam & All MuteSwitch
2 - On Air Warning Light
3 - MuteBar On-Screen Control
PLUS - "Instant Selfie" Mode

Prevent embarrassing interruptions when working or learning from home. In the office, keep your co-workers aware when your mic and/or webcam are live.

Mac & Windows: Zoom, Teams, Meet, WebEx, Discord, GoToMeeting, Slack, Messenger, OBS and more...

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1 - MuteSwitch

The Only Illuminated Mic, Cam & All Mute Button

- Mute Mic and Cam Individually
- Mute Both with Center Key
- Fastest Way to Mute Both
- Three Mute Indicator LEDs

When life goes sideways during a Zoom meeting, you can count on MuteSwitch for an instant, easy to find, single tap Mic and Camera mute.

2 - On Air Warning Light

Shows Mute and On-Air Status

- Prevent Interruptions
- Know When You're On
- Never Hear "You're On Mute"
- Double-Sided For All To See

If someone needs an item from behind you, they can easily see when your camera is off and know it is OK to pass by.


3 - MuteBar Software

No More Searching for Your On-Screen Mute

- Always On Top
- Visible and Convenient
- Customize Size, Colors and Location
- Freeze Your Screen with Instant-Selfie

MuteBar makes your mic and cam mute easy to control and your mute status even easier to see! The software works stand-alone, with the On Air Warning indicator light and/or with the MuteSwitch illuminated mute keys.

3 Ways to See and Control Your Mute!

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PLUS – Instant Selfie™   

Freeze Your Image in an Instant!

- Mute Video Without Distracting Others
- Be Confident Your Mic and Cam are Off
- Tap the MuteSwitch and You’re Back!
- Takes the Stress Out of Online Calls

“Zoom Fatigue” is real. Muting your video can be distracting to others and make it look like you’re goofing off. Instant Selfie™ is the best way to mute your video, listen in, take a break and re-join the meeting without skipping a beat.

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- MuteBar Software with "Instant Selfie"
- MuteSwitch Illuminated Mute Buttons
- On Air Warning Double-Sided Light

Customize Your Colors

Select Any Color Combination

- Three Infinite Color Wheels
- Individual Brightness Control 
- Syncs light, software & mute button colors
- Helps the Visually Impaired & Color Blind

You can choose colors that blend in, stand out or give meaning. Match your décor, pick your school colors, use colors from a flag or represent your favorite sports team.

MuteBar Video Mute Options

On Air Warning's software is the only cross-platform audio and video mute that works with most video conference programs. The easy to find, customizable software lets you choose what others see when you mute!

Selfie Mode

Freezes your video and lets you take a quick break without distracting others.


Select from any one of our creative MutePics.

Choose Your Own

Easily insert any picture or text from your computer.

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- Avoid Interruptions
- Never hear "You're on Mute" again